The Lawless Word

Why do I hate rap music?

‘cuz I was raised to hate the n-word

And now

It’s a word 

Some folks use for an excuse for violence

If anyone else uses it

It’s a word

That some folks 

Will get charged with a crime

For using it


I hate rap music

I Thought Canada State Television Was A Youtube Channel

Well, first a couple articles, and then I’ll get around to why this came to my attention, and if you’re reading this, why I thought I’d share.

Now, I’d come to the conclusion quite quickly before trying to find anything online about it. I’m surprised more isn’t available than I’ve found.

So, if I understand correctly, the CBC receives about 1 billion dollars / year. So, I would expect there be some caveats about political neutrality, but I would expect wrongly. At first, I thought some of the stuff was funny. But the more politically motivated videos I watched, I was a little surprised how unashamedly biased they are. I didn’t realise it was a taxpayer funded cbc show, I thought it was just a youtube channel. Nope, this is what a billion dollars in taxpayer funding buys you if your a state propaganda outlet.

I don’t know much about Canadian politics, but if this is any reflection of how they do things over there, well, they’re a lot farther marxist than I’d realised. Hey, it’s just satire, but the target of the satire seems one-sided. It’s basically government sponsored bullying.



Spiderwoman Unmasked

Main thing I’ve got to say about comic books, is I only ever looked at them for the very reason feminists hate them.


 EDIT: well, crud. Accidentally deleted the 2cd image, which was the point of this post, to make room for the bottom image. Dammit. Shoulda left it alone.


update, of course, I think the people who spend time critiquing the art work are quite possibly prudish hypocrites, it is fun to watch the hand-wringing.



You’re on an adventure

In life

And that is so much more interesting

Than the daily struggles

We all relate to those

Don’t get me wrong

You put the dishes in the dishwasher

Take your clothes out of the washing machine

Put ‘em in the dryer

Those are the daily struggles

The less disciplined among us face

But life is an adventure

The daily struggles 

Are part of it

But they are not the whole

Tell us about the adventure you’re on

That’s also full of the daily struggles

We all face

But what makes your story interesting

Is the adventure that the struggles are a smaller part of

Tell us more about the adventure

It’s okay to touche base 

With the daily struggles

But The Adventure

That’s the important thing.

I Never

I’ve never been sad

I’ve never been lonely

I’ve been happy

Every single day of my life

I’ve always had the best of luck

Good things always showed up at my door

In a truck

I’ve never been sad

I’ve never been lonely

I’ve never cried myself to sleep

I’ve never been angry

I’ve never reacted with outrage

I’ve always been hap-hap-py

I’ve never stubbed my toe

On the furniture

I’ve never tripped and fell

I’ve never got angry

I’ve always thought 

Everything’s just swell

I’ve never been jealous

I’ve never been mean

I’ve never thought an unkind thought

Never spoke an unkind word

I’ve always been sweet-smelling and clean

I’ve never accidentally said anything

That might have inadvertently hurt someone’s feelings

I’ve never had my feelings hurt myself

I’ve always had it all together

I’ve never once fallen apart

I’ve always been cool, confident, sexy and smart
I’ve never even have to try to convince myself

I’ve always been cool, confident, sexy, and smart

I’ve never felt sadness

I’ve never felt guilt

I’ve always been uplifting

A total joy to be around

I’ve never told a lie

(well, this doesn’t count)

And everybody has always been truthful with me