Kickstart A Career

I lost my more recent resumes to a quirk of trusting that free web hosting would be forever. I recently ran across the most recent printed resumes from after I got out of college, and one from when I gave up on the corporate world.

Those resumes are pretty specific, as far as what I wanted to do. I did a lot of it, but not all of it. There is no question in my mind that writing those words is what led to those jobs, which had a wider scope than I could’ve imagined when I wrote those words. Face it, I wanted a job to pay off my student loans, and I learned to write whatever would get me the jobs. It worked pretty well, but after a while, there was a decline in the quality of the jobs I was landing, and I stopped updating my resume. I was writing resumes, and accumulating skills that were in demand, no doubt, and that was keeping me working. But I wasn’t really reaching my personal goals. So I quit chasing rabbits down that path.

So, I guess, I’ll start writing resumes again, and see what turns up.

How It Affects Me

By far, the biggest way it affects me, is that I blame myself for so many of the women I knew who were raped. I played a lot of “what if?” in my head. If only I wasn’t starting a new job the next day. If only, if only. I have way too many stories, that I don’t like to talk about any more. Having to talk about things I’d rather forget, that’s another way it affects me.

Mob Bullies

I remember back in the 1980s when the skinheads started showing up to our gigs at Blondies on 7 Mile Rd in Detroit. I didn’t like seeing them there at our shows, and moved on to other pursuits not long after.

I remember discussing with my buddy back in the days when the Supreme Court was ruling on KKK rallies. It was one of those things I had to come to an understanding of why they were permitted to have assemblies. I didn’t like it, but I felt that I learned why they should be allowed to exercise their rights.

Now, as I’ve written before, one of the biggest keywords that used to draw googlers to my site was because I’d written a lot about Southern Rock, and battle flag tee shirts before. (If I was a smarter capitalist I would’ve started selling tee shirts through the blog, but I never really pursued that. But there was interest there.)

Now, I used to follow a lot of different viewpoints before, and probably quite a few people who considered themselves “race realists”, which probably everyone else would call “white nationalists”.  Some of them had some pretty bizarre to me theories, (there’s actually people who are in favour of monarchy, I found out), but they were not espousing violent views, although some of the views seemed outdated to me, (miscenegation, I think one of them is called). Now, this is all just anonymous people on twitter. A lot of them seemed pretty well read, and so they had interesting points of view. I didn’t agree with them 100% on everything, but a lot of their observations on the state of race relations in the 21st Century seem valid and relevant.

So, that’s a little background. I’m sure I’ve written/wrote my views before, and so don’t feel a need to rehash that, now.

The thought occurred to me as I was out on a dinner run tonight regarding the recent events in (my mind keeps saying Chancellorville, but I know that’s not right).  The thought that I kept coming back to, is that I don’t think anybody seriously considers White Nationalists, and particular people who profess to be actual Nazis, as that big of a threat. They are a pretty fringe movement, from what I can tell. I think they are a pretty powerless and marginalized movement. I think they are mostly misguided, but I also recognise the social forces that have led them to seek their own identity group, as identity groups have been the de facto way that other groups have gained political power.  But the point is mostly this: They are the 90 pound weakling in the sphere of identity politics.

Now, other than saying I somewhat understand the social factors that have led to them seeking their own place in a world that increasingly caters to every one but them, I’m not defending their ideology. I don’t like most identity groups. The fact that so many other identity groups have found so much favour with the press and media probably doesn’t leave them feeling they have many options. But that’s not what I’m on about, at the moment.

The thing that occured to me, that the “Nazis” are a small fringe group, is that this is why the so-called Antifa communists have made them an easy target. And that’s what hit me. Antifa is not calling out to “punch an Islamic radical”, a far more dangerous, in my mind, ideologically driven group; they’re picking on Nazis because they are weak.

Antifa is a bunch of bullies, is what I’m seeing. They’re not picking the hard targets, they’re picking on the soft ones.


Vigilantism And Property Destruction

I have an unfavourable impression of identity groups in general, and when they take to the streets in rioting, mob violence, and assassination of our law enforcement officers, it only reinforces my ill feeling toward such groups. They do not seem interested in the well being of our country, nor of society as a whole.