Economic Consequences Of Political Opinion

I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised at how quick companies distanced themselves from the battle flag. It’s a shame how the internet has become a tool for bullying campaigns, but that’s what it’s become.

Public schools apparently are churning out identity studies activists at alarming rate.

Removing symbols of cultural identity must seem satisfying to those who engage in it, but basically, what they’re doing is taking racism to the next step. They are pretty much saying this is a symbol of white supremecy to us, and so stomp out the symbols. As much weight as you can put in what people say on the internet, and I’ve seen plenty of anti-white commentary, it’s pretty much paving the way for cultural genocide. You know who else destroys symbols of cultural identity? Radical islamists.

I’m Sorry, I Just Can’t Follow You There

from facebook:

I guess I am never going to be socially adjusted, if that means not finding it a little strange that adults are talking about transgender children. A 7 year old transgender girl? I just think that is a strange way to refer to a child. But, if that’s the new normal, I guess I’d better just find a rock to crawl under.