She Almost Made The Right Point

I have no doubt Satomayor is a decent Latina woman with many honourable accomplishments. I also think she probably catered her lecture to La Raza, in speaking up for the voice of minority representation. But she used poor judgement in stating that because of her gender and race, she was more qualified, better, even, than someone of a different race and gender. And poor judgement isn’t exactly a desirable trait people look for in Supreme Court Judges, that I’m aware of.

That her nomination is a calculated decision by the Democratic Party is obvious. They want the Latino votes. Bill Richardson, (who once stated that he wanted Gonzales to be found innocent “because he’s hispanic”), withdrew his nomination to Commerce secretary under the stain of a corruption investigation. But Republicans catered to the Latin community as well, turning a blind eye to the burgeoning illegal immigrant community winning the Latino vote for George W. Bush.

I have no doubt, that even without the million plus dollars the Democratic Party will spend on advertising for Sotomayor’s nomination campaign, she will most likely be confirmed.

The fact is, she is largely being selected for the job for two reasons; the hoped for political clout of her minority status and because she will interpret the law with a liberal bias.

But in her statement to La Raza, in which she said a latina woman would come to a better decision than a white man based on her experience, she almost got it right. White men have been taught for the last four decades to be empathetic to the sensitivities of women and minorities. A white man would be far less likely to say they are better than someone else because of their race or gender. Most white men, I think, know better.


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