The New Rules On Racism?

Apparently, liberals have a little trouble with looking words up in the dictionary. If they would look up the word, marriage, for instance, they would see that it is defined as being something between a man and a woman. Seems simple enough, but liberals seem to thrive on bashing Christians. They insist the word must be bent to their unyielding will to include arbitrary arrangements of sexes that frankly won’t stand up in Darwin’s Theory of Evolution as far as successful strategies for survival of the species.

The word racism, to them, apparently, should be modified to mean only when whites do it. When anyone else does it, they would like it to be called advocacy.

Here’s the compact Oxford definition of the word racism:

• noun 1 the belief that there are characteristics, abilities, or qualities specific to each race. 2 discrimination against or antagonism towards other races.

On my previous post, a comment was made that I don’t know anything about what I’m talking about when I claim that someone made a racist statement by saying the decisions of one race are superior in quality to those of another’s.

The fact that it was a careless, poorly worded statement does not lessen its inherent racism.

I always try to treat people fairly regardless of race, gender, or social standing. Is it so much to ask that I be extended the same courtesy?

I have strong feelings regarding racism. I ask you to think why that would be before accusing me of not knowing what I’m talking about.


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