Understand Unions draft-addendum

It’s interesting to me, that the same union that has been implicated in assault on a private citizen, also worked closely with the President early this year, in framing what would become the current Health Reform Bill. These are the people we will trust our lives and well-being with. How does it come about that what started out as a janitor’s union would have such a stake in health care? The health care workers unions that were absorbed by the SEIU seem to have a large stake in this plan. But what really strikes me, is that public sector jobs are less affected by things like recessions than those caught in the private sector. One group consumes taxes, the other pays taxes. How is it that the tax consumers seem to have such a disproportionately large say in what gets put in a bill that affects the larger group of tax paying private citizens?

That the people framing this bill would call on the unions to “hit back” at the concerned citizens who feel their voice is not being heard is troubling. The back room dealers seem to feel threatened by the ones who will pay most for the deals being struck. I think that should be a major concern to anyone who believes in a representative government.


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