The Uppity Side Of Naples – A Local Pub

So I stopped in a local pub for the first time since I’ve been in town, planning on a quick beer. Since this isn’t a real bike friendly area, there was nowhere to lock up a bike, so I tucked it and my backpack out of sight behind the bushes surrounding the unoccupied patio.

When I came out, I saw my bike had been propped up against the building in the parking lot, in clear view of any one walking by and from the road.

So here’s the thing. I was sitting right there in the bar, if they had simply asked me to move my bike, no problem. Even though where I left my bike was in direct sunlight on a hot day where there were absolutely no people on the unoccupied patio, I’m fine with moving my bike if it’s a problem. But, rather than ask me, they simply moved my bike to somewhere where in most non-tourist towns, it would likely have been stolen if I had been inside for a half hour or more.

It was flagrant disrespect. Same to you.


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