I Still Think About 9/11

9/11/01 was my one year anniversary at a job I had. While my co-workers were gathered together watching CNN on the tv in the conference room, I sat at my desk and watched over and over again the videos of people jumping out of the towers.

Looking back on that day, I also think it may mark a period in my life where I became more engaged online than with people in real life. I had more involved discussions online with people in the Nederlands, than I did with any people I knew in real life, about what it all meant for the future.

I was watching some of those videos again over this past weekend. I won’t link to them for now. They’re easy enough to find if you look. One thing I didn’t realise is how hard conspiracy theorists worked to convince themselves that, well, I have no idea what they’re trying to prove. And I don’t care. Their bizarre video detective skills have nothing to do with the images burned in my mind of those people’s last seconds alive as they fell to their deaths.

I haven’t forgotten, at least, not yet.


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