A Chunk Of Sunday – Labour Day

Sooner or later, the guitar I play the least has the freshest strings, so that’d be this one.

I only play the riff I’m workin’ on a couple times towards the end, just that if I don’t try fleshing out the riff early on, it pretty much ends up just being another riff. It’s very short, and not very good. But for what it is, here it is.

The last 14 seconds is really what I wanted to get down. The rest is kind of painful to watch, but embedded below.

Update: I’m probably not the only person to not tune their guitar or take a shower before posting videos of themselves on the internet… Came up with this bit to go along with the other bit…

Update 2: It needs work. I haven’t really played regularly over the last couple of years, and it shows. Hopefully, posting this will inspire me to start practicing regularly again. Without further ado:


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