The Greening Of Detroit

The Greening of Detroit shows a satellite overlay from 1975-1990 showing increased vegetation in the City of Detroit.

This page has interesting graphs showing the relative rates of White to Black population in Detroit. I lived in the city from 1966 to 1973, right at about the point where black and white populations were in equal proportions, (you wouldn’t have known that from our neighbourhood, but it’s interesting).

I’m not really interested in the crime statistics. I’m curious about the nature of how our cities became places where whites were unwelcome. Especially with all of the calls of racism I’m hearing lately, I think it’s important to point out, at least one white family tried to live in a post-racial America. I don’t hold all blacks responsible, but anger towards whites created the situation, from my perspective.

Don’t be calling me a racist if you have never been driven out of your birthplace for being the wrong colour in the wrong place during the wrong times.


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