Ignoring A Lot Of People – A Foolhardy Leadership Style

Obama didn’t bother to go on Fox News in his latest what, 5 network media blitz. He probably figured, what’s the use? In any event, he’s ignoring the wishes of a lot American Citizens.

He has all but assured his place in history, along with King George, who it’s been reported, didn’t care much for what the American colonists wanted, but he did want their taxes, in spite of their protests.

It’s not a race for who was the worst president he’s winning. He’s the odds-on favourite for the most Un-American President ever. I believe his record will stand for a long time.

Anyway, I love this young lady’s reporting. And I’ll add this. There is talk of news organisations seeking a government bailout. And yet, as important as this event was to a significant portion of America, it wasn’t very well reported on. Until the media starts reporting fairly on things of grave consequence, I have no interest in continued support of them. Citizen journalists seem to be doing a far superior job, at this point.

In spite of my rant above, this video stands pretty well on its own:

edit: A pretty good summary of the historic nature of how ever many people attended this event.


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