Love Is Blind, Justice Is Blinder

I knew a pretty American Indian girl whose Dad was white. She was sometimes picked on when she was on the reservation. Others tried to make her feel like she wasn’t native enough because her hair was a shade lighter.

I’m not singling out Native Americans, but she was a pretty girl, and I like to think about her, so if you’re reading this, either enjoy or suffer through it. I can’t be all things to all people. I’m using her as an example, but an example of what?

Racial pride, perhaps? Racism? Ever wonder where the line gets drawn? Is it a thin line, or one a mile wide, with lots of grey area in between?

Either way, the fact is that kids pick on others who stand out in some way. A lot of what becomes of childhood teasing depends on how parents raise the kids. Parents either teach the kids that we’re all in a big melting pot of blended cultures to be savored and enjoyed; or instead kids might pick up from their parents’ attitudes that life is not much more than a bitter us-against-them struggle.

The real reason I bring this up, is because of some Judge in Louisiana who refused to marry an interracial couple. The news immediately picked up on this story, and how the couple planned to file a discrimination lawsuit.

My first clue that something was fishy is when I googled it, it only seemed to be on liberal websites. So, I held my nose, and got the name of the judge from a liberal blog, and googled that. And found the court’s website. And saw a message on their website about the very thing I was looking into. How about that?!

At the time the license is issued, we are not aware of whom the couple may choose to perform the ceremony.

There are seven judges in the parish, and apparently one of them decided that it would be a hardship on the little interracial babies, so he refused to perform the marriage. Now, if getting married is the objective, wouldn’t you just go to one of the six remaining judges? Not this couple. Apparently, they went straight to the Department of Justice to see about filing a discrimination suit. Love may be blind, but an opportunity to file a discrimination lawsuit is getting rarer and rarer in this day and age.

Truly, this is either an attempt to smear a judge for having his own opinion, or an attempt to make some money. It’s not about a couple who can not get married. It’s about a couple trying to rub a guy’s nose in it for having an opinion they didn’t like. What’s that word for when someone is intolerant of someone else’s views? Oh yes, bigot. In this case, the couple is being intolerant of the judge’s views.

Not that it matters, but I think the judge is being a jerk, too. But at least we have his reasoning in print. That’s more than we have on why this lovelorn couple is filing a lawsuit instead of filing a marriage application.

As a tongue in cheek footnote, what happened to bringing empathy into the courtroom? From this man’s life experience as an admittedly inferior white man, he doesn’t want the poor interracial babies to be teased. Why should the courts force the poor hypothetical children to be subject to such cruelty? I mean, from the Safe Gay Sex School Czar’s point of view, childhood teasing is practically a predictor to violent killing.

Sarcasm aside, you don’t have to look far behind the sensational headline to see this is not the big deal it’s being made out to be.

(incidentally, if he had not given his reason, would this even be an issue? I don’t believe he was obligated to give a reason, nor do I think he’s obligated to marry people).

At least I’m not the only one reading the press this way.

and more updates:
They’ll probably hit him over the head with this:
Prejudicial administration of justice

It sounds like the couple did, indeed go to another justice to get married, and then decide to file a discrimination lawsuit, in which case, I probably owe ’em a big fat apology. I still think filing a discrimination lawsuit on their part is pettiness. They got their marriage.

more updates yet:
Louisiana’s Code of Judicial Conduct
From what it sounds like to me, now having spent a day looking at things is this:

The lady calls the judge, his wife answers the phone, and tells her he doesn’t perform interracial marriages. From the Judge’s account, he “refers them to somebody else”. The judge believes he should be allowed to recuse himself from performing marriages. Under Canon 3C, he may be covered. I’m not sure why his wife is taking his calls, was this at home, or at his public office? Certainly getting into crossing some lines.


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