They’re Not Real News Organisations

MSNBC’s Contessa Brewer deliberately misleads the public, describing a narrative of white people showing up to town halls with guns strapped to their sides.

when, in fact the video they showed accompanying the story was edited to not show the black man totin’ the rifle.

Rachel Maddow makes false racist accusations against Rush Limbaugh. The source of the rumour Maddow cites was an anonymous wiki article.

If that’s what the white house considers a real news organisation, I’ll keep getting my information from Fox News, thank you. They at least invite, well, beg really, to have their mistakes pointed out so they can correct them: “Show us what we got wrong, and we’ll correct it” – Glenn Beck.

MSNBC hasn’t retracted or apologized for their deliberately misleading stories, that I’m aware of. If I’m wrong, please, don’t hesitate to correct me.


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