Democrat’s Solution To The Uninsured

Congratulations to the 40 million or so uninsured in America. The democrats have passed legislation in the House of Representatives designed to solve the problem of the uninsured: criminalize them.

With one sweeping transgression on personal liberties by a radical Congress, we now potentially have 40 million new formerly law-abiding criminals.

I listened to numerous democrats proclaim access to health care as a basic human right, and in the next breath, they proclaimed it a crime to not exercise this legislatively created right in a manner that the government deems appropriate. When, in the history of the United States, has it ever been the government’s role to criminalize people for not exercising their so-called rights?

This is the most ridiculous thing our government has ever tried to do to the governed populace. I condemn anyone who would try to arbitrarily re-assign the limits of my personal liberty in this manner. Impeachment is far too good for these supposed protectors of my constitutional rights.


We Are The Intended Target Of Radical Islam

Is the threat of radical Muslimism being taken seriously in The United States? The latest jihad attack at Fort Hood certainly points to an extreme failing that needs to be examined, and if possible, prevented from reoccurring. If that attack had not been on a military base, and/or not been responded to by a highly trained former military person, the body count likely would have been much higher.

After the killing of abortionist George Tillerman, there was angry liberal outlash at T.V. and radio talk show hosts, pro-life proponents, Christians, and anyone who liberals disagreed with, it seemed. I didn’t see a single comparable article to what the media immediately started running about muslim “harrassment” or “backlash” after a radical muslim jihadist went on a terrorist killing spree at Fort Hood.

There’s nothing wrong with questioning the radio hosts, or religious fundamentalists. But those questions aren’t being asked. Instead, the media is asking if somehow the mass murderer’s feelings might have been hurt in the military.

This is head in the sand behaviour by our liberal media. Radical muslims have made no secret who their intended targets are. If Islam has a legitimate aspect, they’d best start making an argument for why they should not be closely scrutinized. This politically correct bullshit is getting real people killed.

Common Characteristics of Democrats During Health Care Vote.

Democrats: Highly emotional, bordering on angry, speeches, blame Republicans for the past, speak often of health care as a right, they often refer to themselves as doing something historic, (electing a black man president, creating a huge social welfare program for health care). They seem impressed by their own grandiose.

They are more likely to bring out a particular demographic that they say are being wronged, and require a legislative social justice policy to correct: the black caucus, poor pregnant women, homosexuals, muslims.

Their pandering to identity politics seems like a constant attack on the very concept of equality. They’re entire agenda seems based on finding an identity to exploit for political ends. They need to treat this group differently because, they seem to be saying, society does not treat them equally. And so they create custom tailored laws for whatever special interest they deem deserving of unequal political favor.

They also seem to require a common enemy: The rich, the white, the successful, big business, Christians.

It’s a strange system, because it seems to undermine the very concept of equality. Criticism of muslim aggression is taboo, yet they rarely miss an opportunity to ridicule a Christian.

To me, it seems like the Democrat party seems to run on a mixture of corruption and resentment.

In Memory Of A Would-Be High School Taunter

When I first “transferred” to public schools, there was this guy who hung out with the jocks, and me, being decidedly not one, I was the subject of a taunt or two. I remember him standing along the wall with his big jock friends making a snide comment as I went to my first gym class at the new school.

The gym teacher used to like to “punish” me with push-ups, but I was in pretty good shape so didn’t mind being singled out. Big whoop, I did push-ups at home all the time.

When High School came around there wasn’t much animosity between the cliques. We all did some of the same bad things, so it was more our outward appearances than our private behaviours that separated us. We all got along pretty well.

One night I got a strange call. I thought it was my older brother who was in the Army at the time. The caller made some indecipherable comments and hung up. I didn’t think much of it at the time.

The next morning at school, I learned that the guy who had made the snide comments when I transferred into that school was dead. He also had an older brother in the Army, and his brother had gone AWOL, and came back and shot the guy at the top of the stairs at his house. I was close friends with a couple of his next door neighbours.

I made a promise that I would never fire a gun, in memory of that guy; a promise I broke shortly after 9/11 when I first shot a CAR-15.

Rest In Peace, Terry.