Common Characteristics of Democrats During Health Care Vote.

Democrats: Highly emotional, bordering on angry, speeches, blame Republicans for the past, speak often of health care as a right, they often refer to themselves as doing something historic, (electing a black man president, creating a huge social welfare program for health care). They seem impressed by their own grandiose.

They are more likely to bring out a particular demographic that they say are being wronged, and require a legislative social justice policy to correct: the black caucus, poor pregnant women, homosexuals, muslims.

Their pandering to identity politics seems like a constant attack on the very concept of equality. They’re entire agenda seems based on finding an identity to exploit for political ends. They need to treat this group differently because, they seem to be saying, society does not treat them equally. And so they create custom tailored laws for whatever special interest they deem deserving of unequal political favor.

They also seem to require a common enemy: The rich, the white, the successful, big business, Christians.

It’s a strange system, because it seems to undermine the very concept of equality. Criticism of muslim aggression is taboo, yet they rarely miss an opportunity to ridicule a Christian.

To me, it seems like the Democrat party seems to run on a mixture of corruption and resentment.


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