you can’t tell me what you feel.

A few months ago, I watched a Lucinda Williams video, and shortly after came up with this rhythm. Now I think of LW every time I play it, and think she could do it right.

basically, the song goes like this. I don’t have words for it, but here’s what I’m thinking.

a rapist on trial and all of his well-connected friends saying he’s suffered enough. The victim is saying to the rapist, I don’t want to hear about your suffering.

And so that’s it.


2 comments on “you can’t tell me what you feel.

  1. Hey Mutt, not to bad! Let us know when you get some verse for it.


  2. motownmutt says:

    Thanks! I’m not sure if the verse is forthcoming any time soon. Seems like I have too many thoughts swirlin’ around to snatch any single thought and try to put it in any kind of verse. To be honest, when I find myself playing this, I often just kind of get stuck on it, and pretty much put the guitar down after playin’ it for awhile.

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