Tragic Misidentification… more

“…they heard that something was happening in the Ameen neighborhood and drove there…”

There is no way to bring back the people who died. We can wring our hands, and point our fingers, but we can’t make it any more or less right or wrong.

They were reporters who went to an area where they knew there were operations going on. They walked down the street with men openly carrying what look like rifles, maybe a loaded RPG. The cameraman peers out from behind a corner, and at the last minute, raises up and points something directly at the helicopter.

I’ve nearly rammed into policemen standing at the side of the road pointing radar guns at me, on more than one occasion. It’s my instinctive reaction to an aggressive posture. Ask anyone who knows me, I don’t like guns pointed at me, and have a very adverse reaction when it happens.

The helicopter’s bullets take a full 2 seconds from the time we hear the firing to the time we see puffs of dirt. I don’t know the velocity of a 30mm cannon, but I’m guessing the helicopters are a fair distance away.

While everyone is sitting pouring out their understandable outrage at this tragic incident, keep in mind, that we still have American soldiers in harms’ way. This was a tragic mistake, don’t make it worse.


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