Maybe we should just do away with marriage?

I’m not saying what’s right or wrong, or telling anyone how they should live their lives. I’m pretty sure homosexuality has been shown to have higher incidences of negative health consequences. I don’t feel it’s my place to tell hospitals who they can or cannot allow to visit patients. I certainly think compassion is the right guiding principle. Hospital infection rates are said to be rising. It’s something to keep in mind while catering to the politically connected, perhaps at the expense of safety of the rest. I’m not saying this to try to fear monger, I’m saying it out of the reality.

So, this brings up a point, to me. Maybe we should just do away with any government recognition of any types of civil unions. Maybe each person should just be judged as an individual. No more joint filing of taxes. Just individuals, on a case by case basis. No special allowances for spouses, no health insurance. Is that what the politically correct want?

Family is so passe’ these days, any way. Isn’t it?


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