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In times such as these, we need only to look at world history. The ancient civilizations of Persia and Greece come to mind. One might consider the history of the British or Roman Empires; Napoleonic France or Spain; also the dynasties of the Chinese and Japanese Emperors, along with the Egyptian Pharos, or the Mayans and Aztecs. All of these republics, empires and dynasties have fallen upon the dust heap of history. Do these once great societies have any meaning in our present day? Oh yes! Big time!

The study of these civilizations was the basis and foundation for our Constitutional Republic. Madison, Jefferson, Hamilton, Adams and all our founding fathers studied how these civilizations emerged, evolved and eventually failed. Our founders answered these rises and collapses of past civilizations with the Great American Experiment; The Constitution of the United States of America; our map for continuing success.

Our grand document is based on the creation, evolvement and failure of every civilization in history. It was conceived through the wisdom of all the grand thinkers in world history. (Thinkers and philosophers who knew that their history would be important to some future civilization and they were intelligent enough to write it down or carve it in stone) Our Constitution is a document written to preserve individual liberty and to organize a union of separate states, into a Federal Union; The United States of America.

Why do we now fail our Constitution? Why don’t we teach more of it in public and private schools? Why do politicians and judges say it’s outdated? The reality is that we are at the crossroads between the success or failure of our Constitutional Republic. This Great Document needs to be honored and cherished dearly.

Our Congress; the Senate and House of Representatives, is now failing us by passing legislation that they do not read before they vote on it’s passage. Our President is failing our country by signing this unread legislation into law. We might call this a failure of their Oath of Office. Or we might call it a failure of our national identity. Either way, we can not continue to exist as a nation under these failures in government.

Ancient Rome is a prime example. Senators of the Roman Republic sat in their Coliseum seats, along with the Roman Emperors. They watched as slaves fought gladiators and cheered for blood. They watched as Christians were eaten by lions while the minions screamed for more blood. Those Senators allowed the decline of the Roman Republic by their lack of concern, accession and decadence. Eventually, their appeasements to the Caesars contributed to the decline of the Republic and the Empire. All was lost as hoards of barbarians over-ran a militarily-over-extended, over-taxed, Roman Empire.

That barbarism was unmatched until the 20th century, when Marxist/Socialist/Communism overtook Russia and Eastern Europe, culminating in the deaths of 50 million human beings. All of them murdered and starved by a mentally ill, psychotic-paranoid, Joseph Stalin; along with his secret police.

Adolph Hitler murdered 6 million Jews. Joseph Stalin murdered 50 million of his own Soviet people. The German people were compliant with Hitler and the Soviets with Stalin. They followed those leaders to their graves. The Roman Senators were compliant with the Caesars. Rome fell, as all great civilizations did in time. None of those civilizations had a living Constitution: a map for success throughout the ages. Our nation has one and it’s high time our Congress and our President start abiding by it.

The failure to follow our Founding Fathers’ map has lead America down the wrong road; to the crossroads we find ourselves looking upon. A “fundamental change in America”, we do not need. What we do need, is to return to a “foundation based on our Constitution”. We should command the respect due to us and the Oath of Office, from all our elected officials in city, county, state and federal government. Only that respect to their Constitutional Oaths and to the People, will save this country from the dust heap of history. We, as a free Nation, still have the right to demand that of our elected representatives. This is the duty and the requirement of all citizens of a Constitutional Republic. Demand it! Vote for it! Make it known to all!

If you are an American Patriot, then please, remember this on November 2, 2010. God’s Speed America!
Jun 22, 2010 @ 02:59 PMSteve, Somers Point, NJ

How Obama Views Oil May Explain His Approach To The Gulf Spill

Oil is, quite simply put, a main component in the lifeblood of industrial society. After visiting a Gulf Coast beach with tar balls washed ashore from the Deep Sea Horizon blow out, The Pontiff declares our country has an “addiction to oil”. And yet, we hear how he takes his wife on a jet trip to catch a Broadway show.

After the Haitian Earthquake, one of the biggest expenses in shipping aid to Haiti was jet fuel. This was a humanitarian act of an industrial society. Flying 3 gulf streams and 2 helicopters from Washington, D.C. to catch a play in New York City was more akin to the actions of an addict.

Using the disaster as an opportunity to further his agenda, The Pontiff eliminates tax cuts to oil companies. Consumers are the ones who will pay. Fortunately for Broadway, The Pontiff doesn’t fill the tank out of his own pocket.

Beauty Mark

Saw a woman sitting on a curb talking to a guy, with her tramp stamp and thong showing. I got to thinking. The tramp stamp and thong-on-display look is almost a defining characteristic of a generation of women. In some cultures, women put a little red dot on their forehead. I don’t know exactly what it symbolizes. But I got to thinking, what better way to advertise that someone’s been there before than a tattoo on a woman’s lower back? Kinda makes me wonder about what our culture values.