Words, Not Excuses.

My Haitian Sister, Nephew, and His Dad were havin’ dinner the other day, when someone said somethin’ about “crackers”, and we all laughed. It occurs to me, that until we can all sit around the table, and all laugh when someone says the word “nigger”, we’ll probably never be able to treat each other equally.

Come to find out, nephew hit a kid at school for callin’ him the N-word. Nephew didn’t get in trouble, but the kid got punished. That’s wrong. Just the day before, we were sittin’ with his Grandpop, and his grandpop was talkin’ about one of his grandsons: “he’s a big nigga.” The question I have for my nephew is, if you think it was okay to hit someone for callin’ him that, why didn’t he hit his Grandpop? The school probably felt that in the name of political correctness, they had to punish the kid especially hard for name-calling. But I don’t think my nephew should have gotten off scot-free for physical violence. That’s the wrong message. (I don’t want to misquote his dad, but I think he said something along the same line).

A blacks-only dictionary comes down to black-privilege. Sorry, I wasn’t raised to believe that you or anyone else is any better than me, just by happenstance of your skin.


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