inconsistent: what the state dept says, what the DOJ doesn’t do

limits on the use of race or ethnicity by law enforcement in their decision-making and enforcement activities.

Say, you mean like Eric Holder’s policy of not prosecuting crimes against whites, a la, Black Panther voter intimidation scandal?

bah, no, it’s you evil American citizens trying to protect your borders…


more than I want to know

I never intended to read so much about islam, as I’m not a fan of religion, (especially a religion that seems in large part based in an excessively punitive code of human behaviour, to the point where it seems a cover organisation for massive human rights abuses worldwide).

But here I am. As I stated before, the ground zero mosque isn’t much of a concern to me. I do think that the discussion surrounding it is a ripe opportunity to explore the religion/law that is at the core of the 9/11 mass murder of thousands of Americans.

cultural self-isolation;

I Don’t Talk Much With Strangers, But Sometimes I Remember Them

I remember years and years ago, being approached in an airport by some women who pleaded with me to look at some brochures, donate money, or whatever. I’m not the kind of person who gives much time to strangers approaching me and wanting something from me.

I think they either showed me a picture, or gave me a brochure, or something. What I remember was a picture of several people hanging, I think the women said it was in Iran. As I said, this was over a decade ago, Iran was a far away place with little to do with my life. Though I paused only for maybe a minute at most, the memory of that little interaction has always stuck with me.

Here it is later, and I’m thinking more and more back to that. That faraway place that didn’t matter much to me then, is mattering more and more to me now, as they attempt to spread their influence. The more I learn about the system that denies people basic human rights, that publicly executes its citizens for ridiculous ‘religious’ fanaticism, the more I think of those women’s urgency all those years ago.

It’s not the Mosque that’s scary

I’m not nearly as concerned with the mosque at ground zero as many seem to be all up in arms over. But I think the publicity is a good thing. Why? Because it needs to be acknowledged, that Islam, as it is practiced in other places of the world is not 100% a harmless ideology. There are some horrific things going on in the name of sharia law, that quite frankly are a huge human rights concern.

The left and right seem divided over the mosque at ground zero, the left suddenly finding compassion for a religion that is far more dangerous to their ideals than any other religion the right might follow.

The mosque doesn’t really concern me. Americans who don’t acknowledge the roots of the 9/11 terrorist attacks are probably just as dangerous. Americans tolerate a lot of things we don’t condone, radical islam doesn’t.