Loading Trucks

Spent the weekend helping a friend move. Rented a 24′ Uhaul, packed it up, and drove it across the state on Alligator Alley.

As I loaded the truck, I got thinking back on where I first met someone who was skilled at packing a truck to its maximum capacity. Right after high school, I was working at a custom auto interiors shop, catering to cars of the muscle cars era. The shop was picking up and moving from its metro Detroit location, and heading to El Paso, Texas. It was probably my first indication of the decline of Detroit’s manufacturing dominance. In any event, there was a short Mexican guy in charge of loading the truck. He was good at it.

I’ve seen a lot of trucks loaded since, most recently, working as a stagehand. 5-10 trucks would pull in early in the morning, be unloaded, the show set up, and by 2:00 AM the next day be loaded and pulling out for the next show in the next town. During load outs, the guy who knew how to load the truck was the guy who made the difference between a 2-3 hour load out, and a 4 hour load out with stagehands standing around anxious to see the last truck’s doors close.

There’s really not much point to this little story. Just thinking back on how I remembered something that didn’t mean much to me as an 18 year old kid, and how all these years later, I have more of an appreciation for an art that probably goes largely unrecognised.


2 comments on “Loading Trucks

  1. Big Al says:

    I have a friend that is skilled in that. I’d stand there looking at an impossible load of stuff wondering how the heck we would get everything to fit. He’d work it like a puzzle and we’d end up with room to spare.

  2. motownmutt says:

    That’s exactly how I feel when I’m watching someone else do it. Now a days, people look to me to do that, and I sometimes find myself staring in wonder at how I got it to fit. I’m amused at the sense of pride I get from something that seems pretty trivial in the grand scope of bigger things. It’s something you don’t notice when someone does it right, but you become acutely aware of, when someone is struggling with it.

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