Not Always Logical, Sometimes Rational

I was out kayaking today. Paddled out to where they set the crab traps, as I came back towards shore, I saw a shiny metallic bikini top, thought to myself, “if I was stranded on a desert island, a girl with a set of what look like chrome plated boobs could come in handy, in a rescue situation, of course. Thinking only of the high visibility, of course.” But a few hundred yards down the shore, I noticed a girl with a golden mane of blonde hair, and thought, “well of course, even though it’s not as visible at a distance as chrome plated boobs, it not only attracts the eye, it completely captivates it.” The old joke comes to mind: How do you drown a blonde? Put a mirror in the bottom of the pool.

I decided that I would not want to have to choose, I mean, it’s always good to have a backup, but I would probably choose the blonde with the golden mane. If nothing else, you could easily distract the rescuers and steal their boat.

The psychological definition of rational is not the same as logical. Probably good to remember that. I can rationalize why I’d go for the blonde who probably wouldn’t have as much interest in me, as the chrome plated boob girl, but it’s not very logical.