Natural Born is a Condition Of Eligibility, Not A Right

Happened to see the resolution regarding John McCain’s being born in Panama “granting” him Natural Born status. The fact that they “granted” someone Natural Born status means they don’t understand the fundamental. This isn’t a problem with the English language, this is a problem with politicians attempting to create rights out of thin air.

“Whereas the term Natural Born is not defined in The Constitution…” – nor is the word “is” defined.

Natural Born is a condition of birth, which implies the highest standard of undivided allegiance possible. The fact that it’s Natural means that it is not a condition that is legislated by a lawyer or, perhaps especially, a politician.

p.s. also notice that this document states “Whereas other presidential candidates have been born outside of America, and been considered eligible.” Outside of the ones who were American citizens at the time the Constitution was enacted, I have never heard of that. Not saying it’s factually correct, but I sure would like to see some background. It seems like a harmless error, or even deliberate shystery, but it seems like that sloppiness could be used as precedent. As I’ve already opined, and opined again, you can’t legislate natural. It’s just unnatural.


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