Aren’t There More Important Things

Yes, and no.

Yes, if everyone is on the same page about the fundamental fact the current president is constitutionally disqualified from the position he holds. It’s likely he’ll serve out his current term, unfortunately, for those of us who feel we’ve been defrauded in the worst possible way. But it’s important for people to realise this has happened, and must never happen again.

There are currently people who want to remove the eligibility requirement from the constitution. They will want to do it quietly, while no-one is looking, not when everyone is discussing it. That’s significant. By not acknowledging that an error was made, the process of weakening the eligibility requirement has a precedent. A pretty damned strong precedent. Don’t profess your love of the Constitution, if you don’t have the fortitude to defend it.

And, while immigration remains one of the unresolved issues of the day, if you don’t understand what the various types of citizenship are, or entail, your opinions are going to be, well, to put it nicely, less informed.

This whole train wreck got rolling from a combination of factors that should never have left the station to begin with. Be informed, and don’t be silent, or one Constitutional crossing at a time, this train will unmake our country’s founding principles.

No, for reasons I’ll continue to write about, as they come to me.


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