For A Subject No One Wants To Talk About…

…the blog has had a lot more hits since I’ve started writing about it. Thanks, kind readers, and feel free to leave a comment.

  • Nobody denies the term Natural Born clause encapsulates a native born of two citizen parents. It’s the most rigorous definition, sure. But that is the starting point. This person is absolutely eligible to be President. There is no question that the term means something, that excludes somebody, (No person shall…), but we know for absolutely, positively, gosh darned sure, that this person meets that eligibility requirement. This is the law of the land.
  • Since I meet that criteria, it is not my responsibility to convince you, rather it is your responsibility to convince me, why that most rigorous definition, that was absolutely, positively, indisbutably, unambiguously put in the Constitution of The United States as the Law of The Land, should be expanded one iota to include any other case.
  • Personally, when I heard Congress was going to read the Constitution before they convened, I was hopeful. But now, people who have read, and understand The Constitution are raising an absolutely valid point, and being treated as Pariahs for it. That, more than anything else, well okay, maybe not more than anything else, but it really, really, really pisses me off.

    Chances are if you’re being labeled a birther, it’s because you’ve done some research, and comprehended the issue better than the bullies who are marginalizing you as a fringe lunatic. I fucking hate bullies. But don’t be a target, either.

    For whatever reason, which I strongly object to, the current president is being allowed to set this president. Did I mention I object to the precedent that’s being set? I also happen to dislike the current president, but that is not what is driving this. There’s slim chance he’ll be removed from office before January, 2013, but if so, all the better, as far as I’m concerned.

    The people researching this eligibility issue have done enough high caliber research, that I believe this issue will come up again. I would like absolute elucidation of the case. I would like it perfectly clear 100 years from now, that the people have agreed on this issue, that Natural Born means what it says.

    Anyway, wrote more than I would’ve, but discovering that a few people are actually reading this, got me on a little bit of a roll.

    for the person searching: “obama birth certificate non issue”

    You’re right, now that he’s released his long form certificate, his father’s nationality is documented as a being a non-U.S. citizen. The certificate wasn’t the issue, the nationality of his parents *is* the issue. Thanks for stopping by.

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