Husqvarna makes sewing machines?

Someone gave me a Husqvarna Classica 90 yesterday. When we plugged it in, we smelled smoke. A capacitor fried. So, the lady gave me a phone number of one of the only two local shops in town listed on google who do sewing machine repairs in Naples, FL. They very helpfully told me the radio shack part number for the capacitor I needed. With a couple connectors, I’m at about $6.50 in parts.

I didn’t understand the mechanics behind sewing machines. Finally found a site that explained how to thread the sewing machine, and after a few adjustments to the knobs which I have no idea what do, I was able to sew a seam.

I’m a long way from doing any actual sewing, but it’s something I’ve wanted to do for a long time, so, yea, me.