Illegal Occupations

Anyone could see the potential-riots-in-the-streets that is the occupy crime wave coming, even before the populist rhetoric ramped up for the re-election campaign. But here it is, a year before the elections, and the incumbent’s supporters have taken to mass vagrancy, and sometimes out-of-control, decidedly non-peaceful protesting. The left enjoys the propaganda of press coverage, even while banning reporters from their midsts.

So, we know there are crimes being unreported by this occupation. In the spirit of the black panthers blocking election polling places, there is no real official attempt to do anything serious about it. This is a mistake. Politicians are likely more worried about their jobs than in protecting the innocent people on the streets who may have the misfortune of crossing the scattershot of the angry leftists in the street.

The mobs are about intimidation, and they’ve succeeded in intimidating the powers that be from performing their obligation to maintain the peace.

These people in the streets have the means to stay there, apparently without real jobs. I suspect many are just blind followers, lured by a populism masking a carefully hidden agenda of behind the scenes political activists. Communists, Nazis, Anarchists, Democrat Party have all signed on in support of this crime spree. Material support can be traced to the usual suspects, (is the latest incarnation of ACORN considered a 501(c)3, I wonder?).

This plays out in a number of ways, not many constructive.