Dear Northerners, Regarding The Battle Flag, Yet Again

Okay, seems not everyone reads my blog, twitter, or whatever, so I’m always amazed when I come across this again and again.

There is an official flag of the Confederate States of America, it looks a lot like the Georgia state flag. If people want to get all bent out of shape over the symbolism of the civil war, the Stars and Bars was the political flag that represented the South in the war.

There is a thing called the Battle Flag, which is what common soldiers fought under in defense of their land. This is the one that Northerners seem to think of as relating to the political values of the South, rather than the Stars and Bars. The Battle Flag was not the flag of the plantation owners, it was the flag our brother soldiers fought under.

I try to have respect, (especially being a Northerner by birth), to those who might have a rightful reason to find the symbolism offensive, (black descendants of slaves), but it’d go a long way toward understanding, if Northerners would show a little respect for their brethren to the South, as well. A lot of people who had nothing to do with slavery died under that battle flag.

Now, go look up the different flags, and the percentage of the population that were slave holders in the South at the time of the Civil War.


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