Social Issues Matter, A Lot

If the democrat party had a coat of arms, medically unnecessary procedures would be a prominent emblem on it. For those who think social issues aren’t important, look at the rampant corruption evident in the democrats. When the speaker of the house suggests that distributing federally funded birth control is a measure for economic stimulus, you have to think something is completely wacked out of alignment in the democrats’ thought processes.

This whole federal health care fiasco was created by people who think along these lines. Not one Republican word was put into the largest colossus of federal overreach into every American’s life. Democrats are about population control. That’s it. Total control over every aspect of every citizen’s liberty.

If you’re not comfortable talking about social issues, at least listen to those who aren’t afraid. It’s our future at stake, and it’s not just about getting the economy back to life, it’s about getting the people who create the economy back on a productive, sustainable path.


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