Behaviour, Not Colour, Is Likely What Led To Martin Getting Shot.

One of the earlier memories I have of growing up in Detroit is learning words like “the fuzz” to describe police. I learned to distrust them on sight, and they responded to my reaction to them as viewing me as a suspicious person. Without going into details at the moment, I had a long and troubled relationship with law enforcement growing up. It wasn’t till I moved away to go to college that I came to appreciate the role police play in society.

It’s tragic that Zimmerman got out of his vehicle, but I don’t believe there was anything wrong with it.

The descriptions of Martin’s behaviour “walking slowly, looking around, on drugs, he’s coming to check me out, he’s running away, etc.” actually fit the same criteria that got me in all kinds of trouble when I was his age: “suspicious”. That he had a reason to behave erratically, he was being followed by a strange man, seems to be true. But, if Zimmerman’s account is true, and that he had started back for the vehicle when Martin confronted him from behind, punching him in the face, etc., his erratic behaviour then served to confirm the suspicion, there’s something not right about the way this guy is acting.

I feel for the kid’s family.

It Doesn’t Hurt As Much If You Treat It As Entertainment: Soledad Goes Critical

I was actually a little bit entertained after watching Soledad O’Brien for the first time. For someone to be so animated and proudly biased to be working at a “News Network” would be frightening, if I didn’t decide to just be entertained by it instead.

Short version of the CNN exchange, followed by Professor Bell in his own words:

But that’s the indictment. Her credibility is worthless to anyone paying attention. Of course, I think they count on people not paying very much attention.

Others have already covered it better, but I wanted to be sure to emphasize one point. After the near hyperventilating wikipedia performance, she then brings in an “expert”, someone who “wrote the book” titled CRT. And the author did something uncanny. She said, no, CRT has absolutely nothing to do with White Supremacy, in spite of having written the exact opposite in contradiction.

The media is saturated with Soledad O’Briens, who will book guests who come on and lie to the viewers. It’s only entertainment once you know they’re deliberately lying. It’s frighteningly sad to realise most people treat what these performers are doing as fact finding.