All Things Being Equal

Recent discussion on homosexuals who want “equal” treatment led to someone bringing up prostitution. Fascinating prospect, for comparison purposes, I think. Be forewarned, this is going to contain some graphic language.

A hand job is not equal to penetrative sex. vaginal sex is not equal to anal sex. These things are not equal. heterosexual sex is not equal to homosexual sex. Monogamy is not equal to anything-else-gamy.

So the question is, can homosexual monogamy be equated with heterosexual monogamy? It’s not about marriage, (mother-making).


Self-Aware, Or Self-Conscious?

A recurring statement, in various forms, that I hear lately is:

“White people aren’t conscience of their skin the way others are.” 

I think people who have been targeted for violent crime because of their skin are intensely aware.