On The Other Hand, Whoever’s Behind The SWAT Calls Is Dangerous.

As much as I’m a little ambivalent about the conservatives actively pushing the Kimberlin meme, they do have legitimate points. I’m just weary of the blogosphere.

When SWAT teams are called to your former residences…

http://stixblog.com/2012/06/08/day-is-silence-for-kimberlin/”>Doug’s got a pretty good list of blog posts if you want to spend your day reading about it.

I long ago quit trying to interact with avowed leftists. They’ll only pretend to yield on a point to keep stringing you along. I have seen blogs that argue opposite points without getting nasty. A large part of what I never liked about Breitbart’s tactic is that is predicated on poking the nastiest hornet’s nests.

Yes, I hope they catch whoever is making the fake 911 calls. It will be a cause of celebration if the current efforts lead to an arrest and conviction. I just can’t spend my days reading people who make a living online by picking fights. It’s kind of an epiphany, of sorts, as to what kind of life I *don’t* want to live. A similar thing happened when I saw the Occupy movement happen. Just another colour in the spectrum.


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