All The King’s Horses

All the king’s horses and all the king’s men
joined traitorous forces to make us subjects again

They’ve got ears in the whispering class
who pass secrets about neighbours
they pass lists of names of free men
whom the king has sworn as enemies

He issues his orders by decree
They don’t wish to be subjects
They just want to be free

All The King’s horses and all the king’s men
gather before him awaiting his order

“The free men must be bent to my will” he says
“We will audit their business on whimsical pretext
They mustbe made to understand
They are my subjects or traitors they will be
The one thing I will not allow
Is that free men remain free.”

He issues his lists to his servants
“go forth among them, and report back to me.”
The free men were bound by loyalty to their law
But the king made no pretense, to the law he felt unbound

The King armed violent criminals to strip free men of thier rights
Only his servants disregarded the deception
They served their master
It was for he alone, for whom they would fight

All the king’s horses and all the king’s men
conspired to buy the loyalty
through the art of deception and division
what he took from one, he promised to others

And those who loved his promises
became his subjects
sworn allegiance to the king
and sworn enemies of free men

The king imposed taxes on the poor
made enemies of the rich
what he took from the old
he promised to the kids
What the free men voted
he nullified by decree

Behind closed doors they conspired
They simply ignored what free men desired

falsehood by falsehood
from one broken promise to the next
he strung his servants along
“The free men must be made subjects
or traitors they will be.
Punish them, we must,
this is my decree.”

All the king’s horses and all the king’s men
dismantled the free men’s country
one piece at a time
They penalized the citizens with taxes
and let others roam free
“If the free men don’t like me, I’ll find others who do.
“I’ll rule them both by preference.
“Take from one and promise to the other
“I can not allow the free men to be free.”


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