Southern Unionist Memorials In Confederate States

note: I thought I’d edit this to reflect what prompted it. Josh has a degree in history, so I figured I’d better have my sources lined up.

No matter how tenuous, I’m trying to find a monument to Union loyalists, or Unionists, in each Confederate state. This is what I’ve come up with so far.

North Carolina


1st and 3rd Mississippi Memorial

These are the ones that are stretching it, but I’m including any way.
A Union Loyalist in Louisiana

Dual Destinies in Winston, Alabama

It’s a stretch to call this a monument, but North Carolina.

These North Carolina Unionists at least have a plywood marker where they were publicly hanged.

You might have to visit a museum to find much about Unionists in Arkansas

and other interesting links found while digging around…

A car knocks over a statute in NC…
Individual Memorials…

Podcast from Arkansas

I originally included this one for Florida, however Robert Moore pointed out, this is a monument for Union soldiers.


2 comments on “Southern Unionist Memorials In Confederate States

  1. leo says:

    The First Mississippi Mounted Rifles were the only all white unit from Mississippi that I have located so far. There were several pro union outfits who fought a guerilla war against the Confederacy. No monument to them yet.

  2. motownmutt says:

    That is some find, Leo. Thank you for taking the time to include it here. I was only able to get about 2/3rds of the way through it tonight, but I’m grateful you took the time to add this to my post. Thank you very much.

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