Calling Things What They Are

Apparently I was the worst person on the internet for a question I asked, which unlike hundreds of other questions I ask on twitter, got a few replies. Now, I don’t enjoy being the worst person on the internet, and I’ve always kind of admired some of the people who responded, but the whole thing struck me in an odd sort of way.

I don’t remember my exact reasons, whether I was deliberately trying to be provocative or not.

It did, indeed, arise out of seeing someone discussing the boy scouts employment policy regarding homosexuals. It’s a policy I happen to agree with, but almost every comment expressed disappointment. I found it bewildering. Aren’t the boy scouts just doing what they think is best for the children? They had a pretty nasty case of a paedophile scout master that resulted in lawsuits, not to mention turning a young kid into a basket case, if you’ll pardon the candor.

Now, here’s where others get mad at me. This particular case, was a man who carried on a “relationship” for years. The fact that it was two males, in my mind, means that it was homosexuality. More clinically-minded people will whip out a reference to Kinsey studies saying they conducted studies where people looked at pictures of other people, or put a rubber band around men’s penises to measure a response, or whatever, and say the studies found that homosexuals are different from paedophiles. Whatever, man. I wonder how many billions of taxpayer money went into all of that nonsense.

I didn’t mean to imply that all homosexuals were pedophiles, or that all pedophiles were homosexuals. I simply asked a question: does a male victim of an adult pedophile make the distinction between homosexual and pedophile?

What surprised me, is that so many people immediately rush to the defense of homosexuality, to the point they’re blind to the fact: we’re talking about two people of the same sex here. We’re pretty clearly in homosexual territory. I don’t blame people for not wanting to be associated with it, but not calling a spade a spade doesn’t make it stop being a spade.

The irrational response is something of a confirmation that people are so ready to defend homosexuality, that they can’t see what’s right in front of them.

And I don’t mean that to be offensive. Like I said, I’ve always admired the people who responded. And I thank them for responding. It was a bit surprising to see how passionate they are.

Count the lives.


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