Not Putting Children’s Safety First Is Not Normal

In my question, I never stated that all homosexuals are pedophiles, or that all pedophiles are homosexuals. What I was pointing out, that some people seem so quick to defend homosexuality that they deny the fact that some pedophiles are homosexuals. In the question, I asked people to put themselves in the mind of a victim of a homosexual pedophile. In their rush to defend homosexuality, few people responded to the question, and instead tried to make the distinction I was asking them if the victim would likely understand. I think that’s a problem.

In the case of the boy scouts, the overwhelming number of cases I’m aware of involved a man and a boy. For an organisation that caters to boys, it’s both unsurprising that homosexual male pedophiles would be attracted to the organisation. In the decade various homosexual and man-boy-love rights groups have been attempting to coerce the boy scouts, why couldn’t they have just started their own camping club? It’s pretty sickening. And if homosexuals who care about boys don’t respect that there’s a good reason the group should take an active role in trying to protect its membership, then they as a collective, are unworthy of much respect to begin with. Most of the child rapes that have happened in the group are homosexual pedophiles. If homosexuals who are not pedophiles don’t stand against that, then I don’t have much support for them to begin with.


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