Show Me Where They Said That

I think people read the crap on the thinkprogress or mediamatters sites, and just take them at face value. There’s so many dishonest sites on the net, that it surprises me when I hear things like: “Do you think it’s right that Boy Scouts of America labeled all gays as pedophiles?” Really? Did they really say that?

I looked up their latest press release, and from what I can see, they said parents wanted to have control over how and when children have things like sexual orientation, (or disorientation, as the case may be), explained to them. I haven’t read their entire policy, but it sounds to me like they only have a problem with homosexuals when they bring it up as an issue to the kids. BSA apparently feels that’s inappropriate subject matter for children. It’d be like saying Planned Parenthood couldn’t refuse to hire a Westboro Baptist Church member from employment if that person proselytized at the office. Maybe not a great analogy, but I’m trying to put it in terms others might grasp.

Anyway, when intelligent people repeat these kinds of lies, it does catch me off guard.


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