Being Called Names For Asking A Simple Question

Maybe my skin’s not that thick when the comments come from some people, but I really did reflect on all of the names I was called for trying to point out that in a case like Jerry Sanduskey, many gay activists refuse to acknowledge that the act was a homosexual one, as well as a pedophile one. All’s I did was ask, from the point of view of the victim, do you think they make that distinction?

The answers ranged from “you’re a douche”, to “you’re a troll” and everything in between.

Several asked if I use that logic when applied to victims of homosexual pedophiles, but that wasn’t what I asked, and so didn’t bother answering. I asked because I’ve spent 4 decades pondering it in my own mind. Did he attack me because I was a boy, because I was white, why? I honestly think it was because of the racial resentment towards whites in Detroit in the late sixties, early seventies as much as to do with me being a boy. If I had been a blonde haired blue eyed girl instead of a blonde haired blue eyed girl, I believe the attacker would’ve still attacked me.

So, I’ve carried these questions around for four decades. And when I tried to ask a question about it, people attacked me. I didn’t tell them why, although I repeatedly alluded that there was a reason I asked the specific question as worded, thinking the more astute might pick up on it.

Anyway, as I’ve said before, I think there’s something dishonest about the way people seem to spring to the defense of gays to the point of having no concern about victims, or the people entrusted to keep children from becoming victims.

From complete strangers on the internet, it doesn’t bother me that much. But even though I followed a few of the people for years who replied, (and they were far more civil, with one notable exception), maybe I mistakenly assumed they weren’t complete strangers. That kind of hurt.

But it doesn’t change my underlying premise. They are so defensive about homosexuals, that they ignore child victims. And if you disagree with me, keep this in mind before calling me names: I was one.


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