Nothing Against Gays, It’s The Gays With Trumpets I Can Do Without

Sally Ride went about her life. She got hired for a job, she did it, she went on to other things. With her recent passing, it comes out that she happened to have a close lady friend for much of her life after she divorced. She lived an admirable life.

If gays had never protested Boy Scouts of America, if they’d just left Chick-fil-A alone, I wouldn’t be writing about them. If they’d just quietly go about their business, none of this would matter. But they go on the offensive, just in the manner we saw Leftists bully Susan B. Komen recently, when SBK tried to stop funding Planned Parenthood. These people just want to bully people into silence.

It’s a stark contrast to a quiet lady just going about her life, making a little history along the way.


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