Sea World Orcas and Dawn Brancheau

Looks like Dawn Brancheau is in this 2008 video.

This video was apparently shot right before she was killed, and appears to catch just the beginning of the attack very briefly at the end.

A documentary.

Dawn lived an amazing life, there’s not many who can say they did what she did. It’s terrible the way she died.

update: This is the complete ‘Believe’ show, with Dawn and Tilikum performing in it. It was uploaded a year after her brutal killing. It’s an amazing performance to watch.

This behind the scenes production gives a sense of the lives of the trainers.

I realise there’s some controversy surrounding the entertainment industry aspect of these shows. I can’t say I’ve read enough about the subject to have a properly formed opinion. What’s clear is that this woman lived her childhood dream, and up until the incident appeared to be as happy as could be. It’s remarkable what she was a part of during her life.


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