That’s a lot of coincidences

Found this via this

update: incidentally, I think there’s a lot of easily verifiable information in that “coincidences” article, but by putting one obviously untrue “coincidence” in, it pretty much voids the whole rest of a pretty good description of how well connected he is. (it has to do with that red haired fellow from Detroit, who died in 1965, if you’re wondering).


One comment on “That’s a lot of coincidences

  1. motownmutt says:

    “When are Americans going to realize that the Islamists do not need any provocation? When are we going to start acting like we are at war? A good first step would be to stop inviting Muslims to immigrate to America. The Obama administration has been importing as many as possible. The next step is to understand that it is Obama and his administration that are part of the Islamic war.”

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