An Avoidable Tragedy

I never heard of Richard Littlejohn until someone commented on a petition to have him fired from his job for writing an article about a primary school teacher who decided to change gender, who then went on to commit suicide. The article wasn’t as terrible, of course, as the petitioners made it out to be. The writer quotes a few concerned parents, and states he thinks that it showed a lack of concern for the 7 to 11 year old students. Apparently, only a few of the parents were openly vocally opposed to the teacher’s status change, although from the number of quotes, they may have been a little more open to the newspapers than with the school.

Listen, whatever. I don’t care much about the whole LGBTXYZ movement. It’s a fringe that’s trying to force it’s deviation as a norm. If the guy wanted to wear girl’s clothes to work, and a couple parents complained, he should’ve respected the parents wishes. It’s really that simple. Parents have every right to expect their teachers to live up to a standard of common sensibility, and I don’t care what anyone says, some parents are definitely not going to be okay with it. This poor tragic guy apparently lacked proper judgement in thinking all of the parents would just be hunky dory with what could very sensibly be called deviant behaviour in the presence of their children. That he then went on to commit suicide is tragic, but also seems to indicate this guy was not exactly a stable person, again, maybe parents are going to be a little concerned about that. And so, now, the teacher has taught these young children another lesson outside of the lesson plan. Again, maybe children don’t need to be learning about suicide quite so early.

Anyway. A lot of folks seem to be taking it out on the media, who after all, are not going to let this story go quietly by. It’s obviously a hot button issue. The disturbing thing to me is the total intolerance of the critics for daring to question the almighty PC police of the LGBTXYZ outrage movement. If you dare say anything the fringe movement doesn’t approve of, you are a bigot, (someone who is intolerant of people saying anything they don’t approve of). It’s all so ridiculous. And now some poor bastard’s committed suicide, for following along with that claptrap line of thinking. It’s a damned shame. And it’s the people who are trying to force their somewhat out of the norm private lives into the public that are to blame, as much or more than anyone else. The movement encourages abnormal behaviour, and then when that abnormal behaviour is called into question, well, I’m beating a dead horse, I guess.

I suppose there’s going to be people who strongly disagree with me, and call me names, and the like. I don’t know what to say, other than say what I feel.