Jihad John McCain’s War

So, over Memorial Day weekend, John McCain jetted over to Syria to meet with the folks trying to oust Bashar Assad. I suppose overthrowing a government requires guns and ammo.

I have a lot of misgivings about it all around.  It looks to me like they’re trying to replace Assad’s government, with a hard core Islamic state, and I have more than just a little apprehension about Islam formalized in governments. In fact I think it’s something to be avoided.  Turns out there’s some 7 Muslim Brotherhood advisors or something working on Obama’s administration. Totally bad idea, in my opinion. Islam needs to be kept out of government. Period.

So, let me back up a second. When the Boston Bombings happened, and it turned out to be radicalised jihadi Muslims, people warned of the dangers of backlash. We want to avoid what we did to the Japanese living in America during World War II, rounding ’em up and putting them in internment camps. I wasn’t suggesting that, but I took the point: We shouldn’t mistreat entire minority groups. I get that. But I also think maybe we need to limit the number of  Muslim-influenced people from immigrating here in the first place. Sounds racist, I know. But look at the kinds of problems that can be traced directly back to followers of Islam worldwide. There is a lot of material to build case studies from. That’s just a fact we can’t afford to ignore.

Back to the discrimination part of it. You know, there’s something I understand and like about both Christianity and Islam. If it wasn’t enough that I was a muslimophobe in the last paragraph, let me go ahead and be a sexist in this one. Devout religious women are generally virtuous. In a way, I think the purpose of religion in the first place is to provide guidelines and a somewhat organised social structure. I think that’s important. Proper roles of men and women. But, again, while this is a social structure that is probably at the heart of most modern societies, I think it largely needs to stay out of government and law. Yes, we should act this way or that way, but any religion that imposes a physical penalty on a spiritual “sin”, is no good in my book.  Religion  needs to be optional, not compulsory. And that is the danger of Islamic societies, from my viewpoint.

Anyway, it looks like we’re having another arms race, this time in Syria. I don’t like it one bit because of the company we’re forced to keep, but good luck with it, jihad John McCain. I might move to Arizona just to vote you out.

About Those Underage Girls

The incident with the underage high school girl and her 18 year old friend made it seem necessary to at least point this out. The girl in this documentary is 13 years old. And she is being painted up and marketed based on physical attributes that, well, how do you put it delicately? She is being marketed based largely on her sexuality. She’s 13. But this, society seems to accept as being okay. Keep in mind, she’s not the daughter of some middle class guy who’d beat the snot out of anyone who laid a finger on her. She’s a poor farm girl from Russia, and so, somehow, we simply judge her beauty and ability to market our products using her as our display case to peddle our goods.



update: Apparently the model at the center of the story isn’t too happy with how she was portrayed in the movie.

How One Family Broke

No father figure, check. Mom unable to control him, check. This is playing out all over the world, every day, as fragments of families go about trying to adapt to a constantly and rapidly changing world. To me, the cultural thing that might’ve prevented this, was a home based father, but what do I know about raising families?



This is the same mechanism that leads bikers into biker gangs, among other things.

Of Families And Laws

The latest scandal making the rounds involves high school students, the age of consent, and an activist social media smear campaign against the parents of the minor, (14 at the time), involved in hanky panky with another student, (18 at the time). Despite requests to the older student, the older student persisted in pursuing the relationship. The stuff of Romeo & Juliet, except that, as the laws are written, it’s a crime.

While there are a lot of different elements to appeal to one person or another’s sense of right or wrong, I was particularly nauseated by the activist social media campaign smearing the parents of the minor. Typical bullying of dissent into submission. That’s the stuff right there that usually clues me in that something’s rotten before I ever delve any further into the case, (or story, depending on your approach).  People who write can’t resist the story for all of the usual lurid details. People with a legal bent deal are interested in this as a case, as that is, after all their natural interest. Me, I’m least of all interested in the link-bait appeal of the story, have an interest in legal reasoning, but mostly, I just get riled up when I see online activist social media used as a bludgeon against decent family people, as was done in this case.

As for the political minefield of sexual mores or lesses, or the legal aspects of what is the proper punishment for this or that sexual misconduct, I think I’ll leave that to the online hysteria generating experts. When I saw the interview with the “victim’s” parents, that’s when it hit me. The people who libeled them should be ashamed of themselves, but they’ve long ago given up any sense of dignity. They have a cause, and they have a legion of online trolls. They have a government that politically* supports their cause, and know no harm will come to themselves by engaging in a mob personal character assassination.

*(The legal side of the government, acted as it should have in this case, in prosecuting it as they would any other.)

The specifics of this case aren’t that interesting to me, as lurid as they are. When I was 14, I had a “friendship” with a neighbour who was 17, and then turned 18, when she promptly broke it off, quite to my dismay. Tough luck, that’s life, she moved on into the adult world, I moved on to do more stupid teenage stuff. The specifics of the story, though, is how social media mobs, spurred on by tacit approval from political aspect of our government (who should be about faithfully seeing our laws are executed, not constantly campaigning on changing them), attack decent families in advancement of their blind agenda.

Not going to bother linking to any specifics, which might seem confusing, but the only relevant link is to an interview with the victim’s parents, and they tell me writer’s didn’t use to publish details about minor victims of sex crimes, whether you believe it was a crime or not. That’s for another rant.


Swedish Spring

An open immigration policy, and a cradle to grave welfare benefit system. What could go wrong? Isn’t that the very thing the Marxists in America are pushing for? In Sweden, the benefits for the natives are said to be a source of resentment to the foreign born, and is even being attributed to the cause of the riots.

So who are these rioters? Apparently the spark was a cop shooting a machete-wielding man in self-defense. Why was the man waving a machete?


First a link dump.