What A Beautiful Story

The only place on the web (besides here, now), that I could find this, (you’ll have to scroll down quite a bit, it’s in a sidebar on the right hand side) . Just stumbled across it, thought it was well written.



A man once bought a rolltop desk
With many nooks and drawers
He found in one a crumpled note
From a 100 years before.

A note from yonder in the past
It spoke of life ago
Writ by a young contented lass
In an idle moment so.

And so he wrote a short reply
And put it in the drawer
Just to introduce himself
And tell her who he was

Surprisingly he had from her
An interesting reply
A new note found he in the box
And so he wrote once more

And thus they chatted over time
For him towards decades past
For her towards decades still to come
Tho’ time were made of glass.

They fell in love as friends often do
So close and yet to far
Knowing that the day would come
When time would close its door.

How long would it be then until
The hole in time closed tight
And they would each be left alone
To carry on in life.

She told him that no matter what
He was her lifelong love
That if they were ever forced to part
That she would not forget.

So then one day he heard no more
His notes got no response
Only silence filled the drawer,
With end to their romance.

Perhaps, he thought, she moved away
Perhaps the desk was sold
Perhaps time sealed itself up tight
How could it be so cruel?

In his sorrow he went to find
Her final resting place
In the local cemetery
Her very simple grave.

After 100 years there was
Not too much to see
The stone was worn and almost bare
The plot filled up with weeds.

As he stooped to read her name
His heart filled with a sob
For she’d written on the stone:
“I never forgot”.

Colleen Fitzpatrick PhD
Understudy to Quiz Poet Laureate
Robert Edward McKenna


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