Of Families And Laws

The latest scandal making the rounds involves high school students, the age of consent, and an activist social media smear campaign against the parents of the minor, (14 at the time), involved in hanky panky with another student, (18 at the time). Despite requests to the older student, the older student persisted in pursuing the relationship. The stuff of Romeo & Juliet, except that, as the laws are written, it’s a crime.

While there are a lot of different elements to appeal to one person or another’s sense of right or wrong, I was particularly nauseated by the activist social media campaign smearing the parents of the minor. Typical bullying of dissent into submission. That’s the stuff right there that usually clues me in that something’s rotten before I ever delve any further into the case, (or story, depending on your approach).  People who write can’t resist the story for all of the usual lurid details. People with a legal bent deal are interested in this as a case, as that is, after all their natural interest. Me, I’m least of all interested in the link-bait appeal of the story, have an interest in legal reasoning, but mostly, I just get riled up when I see online activist social media used as a bludgeon against decent family people, as was done in this case.

As for the political minefield of sexual mores or lesses, or the legal aspects of what is the proper punishment for this or that sexual misconduct, I think I’ll leave that to the online hysteria generating experts. When I saw the interview with the “victim’s” parents, that’s when it hit me. The people who libeled them should be ashamed of themselves, but they’ve long ago given up any sense of dignity. They have a cause, and they have a legion of online trolls. They have a government that politically* supports their cause, and know no harm will come to themselves by engaging in a mob personal character assassination.

*(The legal side of the government, acted as it should have in this case, in prosecuting it as they would any other.)

The specifics of this case aren’t that interesting to me, as lurid as they are. When I was 14, I had a “friendship” with a neighbour who was 17, and then turned 18, when she promptly broke it off, quite to my dismay. Tough luck, that’s life, she moved on into the adult world, I moved on to do more stupid teenage stuff. The specifics of the story, though, is how social media mobs, spurred on by tacit approval from political aspect of our government (who should be about faithfully seeing our laws are executed, not constantly campaigning on changing them), attack decent families in advancement of their blind agenda.

Not going to bother linking to any specifics, which might seem confusing, but the only relevant link is to an interview with the victim’s parents, and they tell me writer’s didn’t use to publish details about minor victims of sex crimes, whether you believe it was a crime or not. That’s for another rant.



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