The Black Jihad

Remember when the government burned a bunch of bibles, and outraged Christians rioted and looted for days after? Oh, right, you probably don’t because it didn’t happen. That was an incident when the jihad sympathisers decided that it’d be better to prostrate themselves before Allahsbelievers. Must not offend the Jihads, yada, yada.

There’s a similar thing going on right now with the George Zimmerman trial going on. Angry people are declaring if the trial doesn’t end with a conviction, they’ll take matters into their own hands. But also, the same caliber of thinking is going on with some Southern cook lady: She apparently had the nerve to admit to using a word used every day by urban youth. The problem some people have, is that she’s not an urban youth, and so is not permitted to use the common, everyday word that others are permitted to use. You see, these people are not language police, they are language legislators. Only they can determine who can and who cannot use a word with impunity. And if someone outside of their little cultural island dare use the word, violence is implied, if not explicitly threatened.

And so, there you have it. Draw a cartoon of a violent religion’s prophet, and street violence is threatened. Use the wrong word that a culturally self-isolated group has deemed not for your use, and so on. If you don’t like whites-only drinking fountains, then don’t hand me a blacks-only dictionary.


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