Creeps That Hang Out In Public Places

The Internet Mob’s War On White Women

I’ve been noticing for a while, that it seems to be fashionable to criticise white girls. This weekend, a lady made an unfortunate joke, jumped on an 11 hour flight, during which the internet picked up on her tweet, and proceeded to cackle at her impending misfortune, as she was promptly fired from her job upon landing, where no doubt, she was terrified to be greeted by a stranger taking pictures of her, and realising she had become a target of a worldwide internet lynch mob.

I’ll have to elaborate on this later, but I thought I should at least jot down the premise.

A Couple Folks Speak Out On The Phil Robertson Interview

Camille Paglia on the Laura Ingraham show.


American Elephant‘s brilliant comment on GC website.


I’ll have more to write about this, but I wanted to point something out. I had what was for me a very uncomfortable experience while all of this was being debated on the internet, where I was checking out a park by the river to see if there was a decent place to chuck my kayak in the river. I got followed around by 2 separate men at the park, one of who approached me soliciting for a homosexual encounter, while playing with himself with his hand in his pocket. It was extremely uncomfortable, and I had an extremely adverse reaction to it. That’s all I feel like saying about it right now. But the timing of it, during the public debate on all of this, really affirmed my stance. Sure, the ones who hang out in parks don’t represent the whole, but they are being provided cover for their extremely inappropriate (to me, for sure), behaviour.