They’re Lying – And They Keep Getting Away With It

I found myself reading about politics in far away places sometimes, because, face it, everybody on the planet seems to have something to say about American politics. So, today, I find myself reading about Irish politics because an Irishman with an opinion on global climate commented on the Carbon Credit Pirate Ship that got caught in the ice of summertime Antartica.

The age of discovery by ship in regards to everything from geography to biology is a fascinating thing. And I suppose in spite of the leader of the expedition having a business that is based on something to do with carbon credits, which depends on his “science” to be publicly funded, the spirit of that adventure is what propelled these woefully unprepared adventurers to go get stuck in the ice, and pretty much screw everyone who had to come rescue them out of supplying their own science. Pretty freaking unbelievable, in a way, but, well, leftists are persistent no matter how bad the folly, they press on, unable to admit they were even a little bit wrong. As we’ve seen, they’re so used to lies, that I guess being wrong doesn’t matter to them.

Later, I see an article a Canadian friend posts about, once again, something related to the age of discovery by ship, and how the original records from one particular voyage had supposedly wound up in a dumpster. Now, I’ve had a pretty decent sized personal library at one time, and I’ve rescued many old books from a dumpster when a guy with a pretty substantial library of old Irish books passed away. I held on to my library for decades, hauling and accumulating it all over the country with me. Eventually, as hard as it was, I finally donated them to a library. I just don’t have space for a library any more. I do miss my books.

So, I look into the claim by this popular website, that these archives had been destroyed. I find a reference to the books on a NOAA site. I google the location NOAA cited, and within 10 minutes, I’m looking at a scanned version of the books that this popular website is claiming has been destroyed. And of course, all of the comments are in an uproar over it. I tried to comment, to correct the record, however for some reason was unable to. So, I posted a correction on twitter, mentioning the author and the popular website. We’ll see if they get back to me. My suspicion is that this is deliberate misinformation for political reasons, but who knows.

The record of the voyage they claim has been destroyed is fascinating, btw.




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