Those Who Fought Nazism, Godwin’s Law, Doomed To Repeat It

I’ve mentioned this before, I think. People with a blind internet hepcat mentality think invoking “GODWIN’S LAW” automatically makes them look smart, and shuts down any debate. When I told my WWII vet father about this internet invention, he wasn’t too impressed. I never have been, either. Invoking GODWIN’S LAW to shut down debate pretty much makes you look like a clueless idiot doomed to repeat lessons you should have learned about abject misery from the past.

Came across an article the other day talking about the formation of the German’s Worker’s Party in 1919. In the telling of the story, a young Adolf Hitler is sent to check on the meeting, sits through an anti-capitalism lecture, goes to leave, when someone opines that Germany should cede Bavaria(?), which sends Hitler into a 15 minute tirade. The leader of the party supposedly comments to the effect of “we can use this guy. he’s dynamic.” And, well, the rest is history, whether or not you choose to ignore it (GODWIN’S LAW, ZOMG!).

So, I’m thinking about this current president, and how someone as seemingly inept and clueless could rise to such heights of power, and I’m thinking, at some point in this guy’s career, someone heard him speak, and whispered to another “we can use this guy…”


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