A man who’s only skill appears to be spreading the gospel of divisiveness. The focus of the problem isn’t that this mad ideologue was elected, the problem is the character of the people who elected him. He’s just a tool being used by people intent on bringing about the destruction of the moral character of the country. Moral doesn’t have to mean religious, but that’s how the left sees everything. And they want to destroy it, because to them, it represents oppression. They will not be content to live and let live, they are of single-minded purpose: destroy that which we’ve been taught to hate. And hate is what they do. Go look on msnbc at the relentless bullying, (you don’t have to watch, so I don’t know if that’s technically the right word, in this case), of anyone of sensible character. Look at their treatment of Michelle Bachmann, Sarah Palin, any target they fix on. It’s not just msnbc, of course, but they’re the most obvious agitator/propaganda propagator.

When I read up on Sidney the other night, the recurring theme in all of his thoughts on government were tied to virtue, or lack thereof. However you define it, I don’t believe it’s necessarily religious in nature, but for sure, people who adhere to religion on a personal level strive to be people of virtue. The people who hate religion, not mere non-believers, but the people who aggressively criticise religion, (mainly Christianity, as we see, they rarely have a peep to say in criticism of islam or even hindu, for that matter), do it in such a vicious manner, that there is nothing redeeming about it. These people are simply nasty for the sake of nastiness. And these are the kind of people who are promoting like-minded people into public office, the kind of people Sidney warned about: liberty can not survive when these people are in power. And we are seeing it every day.

Good luck, Little Sisters of the Poor. The latest target of the rabid destroyers of freedom.


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